CoinMarketCap Alternatives: 12 Best Alternatives to Try in 2021

CoinMarketCap is one of the reliable websites for coin and price tracking. But relying on one centralized platform may have its downfalls and can contradict the middle philosophy on which crypto was based on. Therefore, it’s better to discover some best CoinMarketCap Alternatives in the crypto data community.

CoinMarketCap is a well-known tracking website build up 200 million visitors since 2013. The objective behind the CoinMarketCap is to track the capitalization of certain cryptocurrencies and giving the opportunity to other currencies to grow in the market.

Relying on one centralized platform may have its downfalls and can contradict the middle philosophy on which crypto was based on. It is essential for crypto investors and traders to carefully reveal the movement of the coin they purchased or they intend on trade. We have compiled a list of 12 top CoinMarketCap alternatives that can help you in your trading endeavors.

Best Coinmarketcap Alternatives 2021

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#1. Coinmarketcap Alternative CryptoCompare

If you are looking for the best CoinMarketCap alternatives, CryptoCompare is the site worth considering. CryptoCompare a trading site launched in 2014, which gives you access to charting and marketing analysis, and live prices from different crypto exchanges by listing 1000+ coins and tokens.

Traders and marketers can get information about upcoming and active ICOs. A portfolio tool and a user forum are notable features of this website that may attract beginners.

As a reliable market data provider CryptoCompare provides a comprehensive and holistic overview of the market. Quality standards are followed rigorously to secure data integrity and to ensure confidence in the market.

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#2. Coinmarketcap Alternative CoinGecko

CoinGecko is one of the top coinmarketcap alternative and a price-tracking website that tracks prices of 1000s of cryptocurrencies in BTC with charts of different intervals. It will also provide data on community activity, market capitalization, and other major events.

Acting as a crypto events calendar, CoinGecko gives details of forthcoming ICOs. Trading pairs, crypto exchanges, and its alternatives are the criteria to calculate the trust score for each trading pair on CoinGecko.

The global volume-weighted average is the basic price formula tool to calculate the price for a particular asset. CoinGecko provides its customers with free of cost tokens and no one will ask you for a listing fee.

#3. Coinmarketcap Alternative CoinPaprika

CoinPaprika, founded in 2018, is one of the reliable tracking sites which offer an in-house cryptocurrency exchange. It’s a powerful tool designed to provide the users with the most comprehensiveness of data and rate limits.

CoinPaprika is one of the most visited platforms on cryptocurrency within the last 9 months. COINS is a notable feature of CoinPaprika which offers more than 2000 crypto currencies for traders and marketers.

The change that the crypto marketplace confronted inside a previous couple of months induced a few fundamental gamers to exchange their enterprise version and begin charging excessive amounts for marketplace statistics.

#4. Coinmarketcap Alternative CoinLib

Coinlib is another platform that is used as a top cmc alternative designed for traders, investors, and a wide audience interested in the sphere of crypto. You can get up to date information about prices and portfolio management.

One of its amazing features is its simple operations in the form of UI which sounds good on desktop and mobile web browsers. Users can check the value of a token, compare its exchange rate in relation to other coins. Coinlib also informs the marketers about the ups and downs in the price of a certain token.

#5. Coinmarketcap Alternative CoinCodex

CoinCodex is an authentic website to provide real-time coin prices, charts along with market cap data for more than 2,400 coins from 110+ exchanges. Information is presented in a way that any trader can get the data about price chart, trading volume and the latest price of the coin by clicking on any coin.

CoinCodex calendar allows users to get information about the new crypto projects they are interested in. It is easy to use but ad placement on the homepage is a little bit annoying. CoinCodex makes the provision of detailed guides possible to enlighten the users on the crypto users.

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#6. Coinmarketcap Alternative LiveCoinWatch

LiveCoinWatch launched in 2017 and helps the traders with tracking price movements, trading volumes, circulating coin supply and market cap. It provides dealers with graphs and historical data for 2,000 coins like Bitcoin, Eethereum, and altcoins.

LiveCoinWatch has a unique feature to track volume movement across markets of several cryptocurrencies. Simple and reliable features make it popular in the market because it is easy on the eye and it also presents all the information in a straightforward manner.

LiveCoinWatch is a unique platform for traders and marketers and it offers a simple way to get exact market data across every major exchange. It is a real-time data aggregator that brings something different to the market. It is able to analyze arbitrage chances, order book data and trading pair spreads in real-time.

#7. Coinmarketcap Alternative Coin360

Coin360 is a trading platform that aggregates crypto exchange live data and delivers vital market data in a visually engaging manner. It is one of the best alternatives to coinmarketcap that provides the latest data on the cryptocurrency industry situation.

Coin360 presents information in the form of infographic blocks with different sizes and colors. The size of each block represents the size of market capitalization for certain currencies. Growing price is indicated by green color and a fall in price is indicated by red color.

Coin360.Com is an online platform with the modern-day records on the state of affairs at the cryptocurrency marketplace with the indication of the cutting edge marketplace capitalization of all major cryptocurrencies.

#8. Coinmarketcap Alternative CoinCap

CoinCap provides general information about everything important for analyzing the market trends for a coin. You can analyze charge tickers, extent signs, market cap indicator, and the delivery of coins. You have access to all coins under one roof by giving real-time data of crypto.

You’ll love exploring Trading View charts and the numerous interactive tools that come with it. If you have some knowledge and experience of trading cryptocurrencies, it is easy to join this international market for tracking and trading.

However, one issue that it lacks is a proper charting machine that may display traders’ charts at one of kind intervals. Well, that’s not massive trouble due to the fact you get another top medium to refer to the prices and volume of crypto.

#9. Coinmarketcap Alternative WorldCoinIndex

WorldCoinIndex is a cryptocurrency platform that connects over 7000 cryptocurrency markets and offers news updates and lists around 1,500 cryptocurrencies. Users find the WorldCoinIndex as a massive coin index which delivers valuable data on any listed cryptocurrency.

It is a fast and reliable price information source for users which aims to pick the right exchange at the right time. This real-time price streaming is starting to compete for the regular price streams that stock exchangers used.

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#10. Coinmarketcap Alternative Messari

Messari is open source data information launched in October 2017. The objective of Messari is to allow marketers, investors, and traders to spot trends across more than 1000 different assets and also bring precision into the crypto economy.

It is vital for crypto investors to know the debit paying ability and pricing of each market. It is an open-source data library that provides honest information about crypto assets.

Messari is here to solve the crypto industry problems by creating a decentralized network. Messari is a crypto version of CrunchBase that encourages self-regulation in the crypto market.

It promotes simplicity and makes the decision-making process easy in the crypto community. Messari set the tools for traders and marketers to research a project and associated token in a more reliable way.

#11. Coinmarketcap Alternative CoinCheckup

CoinCheckup founded in 2017, CoinCheckup became created with the aim of bringing accelerated transparency to cryptocurrency markets. It delivers information about price charts, buying and selling volumes, and complete analysis to offer accurate statistics regarding the cash the users intend on buying.

The CoinCheckup group has published on its website an in-depth document explaining its coin scoring components. It not only provides primary coin tracking data but also gives precise analysis and forecast to provide traders with in-depth stats regarding the cash they are considering shopping for.

It’s a useful resource for each person discovering crypto projects earlier than buying, however, the sheer extent of data furnished may be a touch overwhelming at first.

#12. Coinmarketcap Alternative OnChainFX

All the expected features of a crypto website should have built the confidence of marketers and buyers on the website. If you are looking to get information about certain coins you can use OnChainFX. It will track the percentage of the total BTC supply issued and details on the future BTC emission rate.

The homepage of OnChainFX ranks cryptocurrencies by their predictable market capitalization expected in 2050. A simple homepage click on assets brings further details about it.

It may not suitable for beginners because they sometimes find the information presented on OnChainFX a bit overwhelming. OnChainFX provides an extensive range of coin information but only lists 107 currencies.


If you are a crypto investor searching for best-tracking sites that may help you to find a coin to built your portfolio, we have compiled the competitors into a single chart. By researching the alternatives, it does not mean that CoinMarketCap is a scam or not great.

The above list provided information about the possible best CoinMarketCap alternatives. Now, by considering information from several sources choose the best possible means for price tracking.

If you are a beginner in the crypto industry and try to build a strong portfolio, do comments in the comment section to get updated information.

If you like the information listed in the article then you may drop your feedback so that we come with some more productive content in the future.


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